Doc. Ing. Jozef Juhár, PhD.
(associated professor)

Park Komenského 13, 041 20 Košice
tel.: ++421 55 602 41 05
fax: ++421 55 632 39 89


Jozef Juhar was born in Poproč, Slovakia in 1956. He graduated from the Technical University of Košice in 1980. He received Ph.D. degree in Radioelectronics from Technical University of Košice in 1991, where he works as an Associate Professor at the Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications. He is author and co-author of more than 70 scientific papers. His research interests include digital speech and audio processing, speech/speaker recognition, speech synthesis and spoken dialogue systems in telecommunication networks. 

International projects:

COST 275 "Biometrics-based People Recognition over the Internet (2001-2005)
COST 277 "Nonlinear Speech Processing" (2001-2005)
Spoluriešiteľ medzinárodných projektov: 
COST 278 "Spoken Language Interaction over the Internet (2001-2005)
COST 249 "Continous Speech Recognition over the Telephone (1994-2000)
JOINT - International Training Modul on Communication Techniques, Leonardo da Vinci PL/99/2/09015 (2000-2001)
MOCOMTEL - Mobile Computing for Telematic Services, Copernicus PL961114 (1997-2001)
ISMAN - Integrated Services Metropolitan Area Networks, Copernicus 587 (1994-1998)

Research area:

Acoustic Modeling, Artificial Neural Networks, Audio Signal Processing, Auditory Modelling, Background Noise Suppression, Fundamental Frequency Estimation, Hidden Markov Models, Information Services by Telephone using Speech Technologies, Measurement of Quality of Service in Speech Systems, Noise Effects, Noise Reduction, Objective Speech Quality Measures, Psychoacoustics, Robust Speech Recognition, Room Acoustics, Speaker Recognition, Speech Acoustics, Speech Analysis, Speech Applications, Speech Coding, Speech Databases for Automatic Speech/Speaker Recognition, Speech Enabled IVRs, Speech Processing, Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Speech-Enabled IVR Systems, Spoken Dialogue Systems, Statistical Language Modelling for Speech Recognition, Text to Speech in Telephony, Voice Biometrics (Speaker Verification, Identification, Lie-detection, etc), Voice-Driven Telecommunications Applications, VoiceXML, VoIP, Wavelet Transforms, Web Applications

Recent PhD. students: 

Ing. Stanislav Matis
Ing. Anton Vlasatý
Ing. Miloš Kováč


List of publications


 [1] Juhár,J.-Čižmár,A.: Neural Network Pitch Estimation of Continuous Speech. Proceedings of the COST Telecom Actions 249, 250 and 258 workshop "Speech Technology in the Public Telephone Network: Where we are today?", Rhodes, Greece, 26-27 Sept. 1997, pp.49-52. 
[2] Marcinek,M.-Juhár,J.-Čižmár,A.: Adaptive filtering based pitch detector. Proceedings Engineerenig of Modern Electric Systems EMES '98, ISSN-1223-2106, Baile Felix, Romania, pp.144-149, June 1998.
[3] Tlučák,J.-Juhár,J.-Doboš,Ľ.-Čižmár,A.: Neural Network Based Speech Enhancement. Radioengineering, Vol.8, No.4, pp.22-25, 1999.
[4] Jelinek,B.-Juhár,J.-Čižmár,A.: An Experiment with Feed-Forward Neural Network for Speech Recognition. In: Sinčák, P.-Vaščák,J.-Kvasnička,V.-Mesiar,R.: Advances in Soft Computing - The State of the Art in Computational Intelligence, pp.309-313, Physica-Verlag, A Springer-Verlag Company, 2000. (ISSN-1615-3871, ISBN 3-7908-1322-2)
[5] Marcinek,M.-Juhár,J.-Čižmár,A.: Phoneme Based ASR System for Slovak SpeechDat Database. In: V.Matoušek et al. (Eds.): Text, Speech and Dialogue - TSD2001, LNAI 2166, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 237-241, 2001. (ISBN3-540-42557-8)


Last update: June 8, 2005