Assoc. Prof. Milos Drutarovsky, Ph.D.
(doc. Ing., CSc.)

Technical University of Kosice
Department of Electronics & Multimedia Communications
Park Komenskeho 13, 041 20 Kosice
Slovak Republic

tel.: +421 55 602 41 69
fax: +421 55 632 39 89
Office: Room 119 B, Building Vysokoskolska 4
PGP Key ID: 0x3DA12016

Curriculum vitae:

Milos Drutarovsky was born in Presov in Slovak Republic, in 1965. He received his Ing. (M.Sc.) degree and Ph.D. degree in Radioelectronics from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University in Kosice, in 1988 and 1995, respectively. He defended his habilitation work - Digital Signal Processors in Digital Signal Processing in 2000.

He participated in several international research projects - the Copernicus project (contract nuber CIPA-CT94-0220) "Innovative Methods of Noise and Vibration Analysis of Rotating Machinery for Purpose of Quality Control, Monitoring and Diagnostics" coordinated by Medav Digitale Signalverarbeitung GmbH, Germany, the COST 262 project "Spread-Spectrum Systems and Techniques in Wireless and Wired Communications" and the French national research program ACI Cryptologie - the project CryptArchi: "Embedded Architectures for Applied Cryptography", coordinated by Laboratoire Traitement du Signal et Instrumentation, UMR CNRS 5516, Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, France and the Radiotect project (contract number COOP-CT-2006-032744) "Ultra Wideband Radio Application for localization of hidden people and detection of unauthorized objects" coordinated by Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany. He has cooperated with several industrial companies. The most important industrial projects were participation in the development of Brain-Machine apparatus (contract for private company), the development of Harmonic Power Voltage Analyzer (contracts for East-Slovak Power Company), the development of custom DSP software (contracts for Medav Digitale Signalverarbeitung GmbH, Germany), the development of custom cryptographic software and IP blocks (contracts for Micronic Ltd., Slovak Republic), the development of embedded acid-base analyser (contracts for Endotron, Slovak Republic) and the development of optimized signal processing algorithms for detection of engine production faults in the industrial research projects Enginetest and Vibrotesting coordinated by Industrial & Automotive division of Medav Digitale Signalverarbeitung GmbH, Germany.

He is faculty and department coordinator of several University Program cooperations with leading DSP, FPGA, Microcontroller and CAE tools companies.

Since January 2008 he develops embedded control electronic modules within the Smiling project (contract number 215493) "Self Mobility Improvement in the eLderly by counteractING falls" of the European Commission's 7th RTD Framework Programme coordinated by Istituto Nazionale Riposo Cura Anziani, Italy.

He is currently working as an associate professor at the Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Technical University of Kosice.

In the year 2001, he was working as a visiting professor at the Universite Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, France (2 months, Lectures in Signal Processors in Telecommunications).


Embedded electronics, applied cryptography, algorithms and architectures for embedded cryptographic architectures, digital signal processing, digital signal processors, field programmable devices and soft microcontrollers embedded into FPGA circuits.

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M. Aftanas (Thesis), M. Varchola (Thesis), M.Simka 

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