Dnes je štvrtok 22. apríla 2021, meniny má Slavomír a zajtra Vojtech.
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Guarantee professor: prof. Ing. Miloš Drutarovský, CSc.
Semester: 1.
Web: https://data.kemt.fei.tuke.sk/SignaloveProcesory/_web/


In this course we focus on selected hardware components for digital signal processing. We introduce basic concepts, classification of available hardware components and development trends in VLSI technology. We concentrate mainly to the Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), their architectures, features, development trends and DSP applications in telecommunications, consumer and automotive electronics. We analyze and compare modifications of Harvard architecture, VLIW architecture and SIMD extensions as used in modern commercial DSP chips. As modern alternatives we also present architectures based on systolic arrays and FPGA circuits. In the final part we introduce basic principles and trends in building software defined radio transmitters and receivers based on programmable and reconfigurable DSP hardware. In parallel with theoretical knowledge our students master also practical work experiences with modern DSP development tools for Analog Devices DSPs as well as basic design knowledge required for development and implementation of FIR and IIR digital filters as well as FFT transformation processors.





























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