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Guarantee professor: prof. Ing. Ján Mihalík, PhD.
Semester: 3.
Web: http://web.tuke.sk/fei-ldipv/


  • Basic notations and definitions from theory of signals and systems
  • Orthogonality of signals
  • Systems of continuous and discrete orthogonal functions
  • Harmonic, exponential, Walsh, Haar orthogonal functions
  • Spectral analysis by using Fourier, Walsh and Haar series
  • Power an energetic balance of signals by Parceval theorem
  • Correlation analysis of periodical and non periodical continuous and discrete signals
  • Dividing of systems and their properties even characteristics in time and frequency domain
  • Modulated signals
  • Amplitude and angle (frequency, phase) modulations
  • Continuous modulated pulse signals
  • Sampling of continuous signals on the bases Shannon-Kotelnik theorem
  • Spectral analysis of discrete signals, DFT, FFT and their employing
  • Discrete orthogonal transforms ( WHT, HT)
  • Random stationary, non stationary and ergodic signals
  • Moment and distribution characteristics of random signals
  • Effect of systems on deterministic and random signals






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