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Guarantee professor: prof.Ing.Stanislav Marchevský,CSc.


Subject Satellite technology and services is designed for anyone who wants to become familiar with the specific solution of satellite communication systems . Subject starts with a brief historical overview of satellite communications and corresponding services. It follows the classification of satellite communications systems , depending on their orbit (LEO , MEO and GEO HEO ) , transmitted power ( Little , Big ) and provided services ( GPS , DVB – S , DVB – S2 , Internet ) . Particular attention is paid to describtion of the link budget of satellite connection . Based on this, the communication engineer can determine at the design of the satellite service the specified requirements for the implementation of satellite- terrestrial satellite station , for example . diameter of parabolic antenna of receiver and the electrical parameters of the UV satellite tuner . In the chapter “Satellite antenas, the student learns about the properties and structure of parabolic antennas , which are typical for the stationary earth station antennas but also about the antennas which are intended for mobile devices such as automobiles , aircraft , or for the person or the animal . There are helical antena, patch antenna, bent crossed dipole and phased array antennas or smart antennas. The second part of the course name and Satellite Services is represented in represented by GPS satellite systems that provide location- services , VSAT satellite systems , which provide services with the name tripleplay services ( VoIP connection , Internet services and IP television resp.DVB – S or DVB – S2) . Interested in the issue of satellite communications here give an overview of their architecture, their EIRP , and the information characteristics . There is a possibility to get an overview of the communication protocols , the types of provided services and the simulation capabilities of these services using programs as OPNET Modeller and ns-2. In the context of VSAT systems and GPS can be very useful to obtain knowledge about the possibilities of multiple access satellite such as FDMA , TDMA , CDMA , resp.using their combinations. The exercises of this course The students obtain practical suggestions for creating communication channels selected satellites and analyze the quality of the provided service provided in the practical exercises. For this purpose serves the multiple satellite receivers such as . Dreambox 8000 , Skystar , AzBox and outdoor units.

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