Dnes je utorok 29. novembra 2022, meniny má Vratko a zajtra Ondrej, Andrej.
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Guarantee professor: prof. Ing. Dušan Kocur, CSc.


  • Semiconductors, diodes, bipolar and unipolar transistors and their properties.
  • Transistor amplifiers. Operational point biasing. DC and AC analysis and computer simulation of electronic circuits.
  • AC and DC coupling among amplifiers.
  • Negative feedback and its impact on the properties of the amplifiers.
  • Multistage, differential amplifiers and operational amplifiers.
  • Selective and power amplifiers
  • Oscillators
  • Rectifiers, DC stabilisation. DC/DC and DC/AC converters
  • Principle of analog digital interfaces for communication, control and measurement.
  • Three types of practical training classes will be provided for students:

    • theoretical exercises designed to verify the theoretical knowledge from lectures

    • exercises focusing on circuit study by the PSPICE circuit simulator

    • laboratory exercises in “Laboratory of Electronic Circuits”

    Students have the opportunity to provide the laboratory exercises on basic laboratory stands using remote access through the Internet.


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