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Guarantee professor: doc. Ing. Ľuboš Ovseník, PhD.
Semester: 3.
Web: http://www.kemt-old.fei.tuke.sk/predmety/EVaA/


The student will obtain basic knowledge of the theory of the electromagnetic field of antennas and propagation of electromagnetic waves. Understand the principles of radiation and propagation of electromagnetic waves. Obtain basic knowledge of the theory of antennas. This gives an overview of the different types of antennas. The practical experience achieved in antennas parameters measuring.


  • General principles for solving Maxwell’s equations
  • Plane electromagnetic wave
  • Guided electromagnetic waves
  • Radiation of electromagnetic waves
  • Electromagnetic wave propagation
  • Importance of antennas, the basic parameters of antennas, antenna theory basics
  • Antennas: linear, area, etc.
  • System antennas
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