Dnes je pondelok 24. februára 2020, meniny má Matej a zajtra Frederik, Frederika.
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The third Workshop on event called „Správna voľba povolania – príležitosť k úspechu“ took place on 24th October in the city of Rožňava. Similar workshops were held in different cities of east Slovakia (Košice, Michalovce, Spišská Nová Ves, Rožňava, Kráľovský Chlmec and Gelnica) during one week. The workshop in Rožňava was held under the leadership of Self-governing Region of Košice. This year it was organized by high school SOŠ, Hviezdoslavova 5, Rožňava. On the workshop participated the vice president and other representatives of the Self-governing Region of Košice, the mayor and other representatives of the Rožňava city, The Central office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of Rožňava, the directors and educational consultants of elementary and high schools, representatives of the Technical university of Košice, agents of several business factories and companies and a lot of students, of course. The workshop program consisted of several presentations of the participants. The main goal was to discuss about the scholar education, training and about the results and future educational intentions. One employee of DEMC was not missing among the active workshop participants. Ing. Peter Viszlay, PhD., as a graduate of SOŠ Rožňava, presented the study opportunities, the study programs on the Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications and the cooperation between DEMC and high schools.

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