Day 1, Tuesday, April 19, 2016,
Venue: University library TU Košice

Plenary session I
Room A
08:30 -09:50
Yariv Shavit
Coexistence of LTE & Radars
Sergio Rapuano
Analog-to-Information Converters: Research Trends and Open Problems
Circuits and Systems I – Analog and Digital Circuits
Room A
10:20 – 11:30
Satyabrata Dash, Deepak Joshi and Gaurav Trivedi
CMOS Analog Circuit Optimization via River Formation Dynamics
Sunil Dutt, Sukumar Nandi and Gaurav Trivedi
A Comparative Survey of Approximate Adders
Zdenek Kolka, Dalibor Biolek, Viera Biolkova and Zdenek Biolek
Evaluation of Memristor Models for Large Crossbar Structures
Martin Petrvalsky, Tania Richmond, Milos Drutarovsky, Pierre-Louis Cayrel and Viktor Fischer
Differential Power Analysis Attack on the Secure Bit Permutation in the McEliece Cryptosystem
Tayfun Unuk and Remzi Arslanalp
Design of BJT Based Electronically Tunable Differantial Difference Current Conveyor and Its Application
Signal Processing I – Digital Filters
Room B
10:20 – 11:30
Niyazi Duduk and Abdullah T. Tola
Second Order Class A Log Domain All Pass Filter Design Employing Lossy Integrators
Tomas Fryza and Roman Mego
Frequency Domain FIR Filter Optimization for Multi-Core C6678 DSP
Tomas Gotthans, Jakub Gotthans and Roman Marsalek
FBMC Filter Bank Optimization for Non-Linear Power Amplifiers
Lubos Rejfek, Ladislav Beran, Pavel Chmelar, Michal Reznicek and Tomas Zalabsky
Checking of Automatically Scaled Ionograms by using of Infinite Impulse Response Filters
Adem Ukte and Aydin Kizilkaya
Comparing t Based Multirate Adaptive Filters
Microwave, Propagation and Lightwaves I – Antennas Design and Modelling
Room C
10:20 – 11:30
Boncho Bonev and Peter Petkov
Fractal J-Pole Antenna
Miroslav Cupal and Zbynek Raida
H-Plane SIW Horn Antenna for On-Body Communication
Sang Van Doan, Jiri Vesely, Petr Hubacek, Luong Xuan Tran and Premysl Janu
Algorithm for Obtaining High Accurate Phase Interferometer
Mohamad Hafize Ramli, Mohamad Zoinol Abidin Abd Aziz, Siti Nurfarhanah Azizul Azlan, Mohd Azlishah Othman and Abdul Halim Dahalan
Design Multiband Planar Printed Monopole Antenna with Minkowski and Lollipop Defected Parasitic Structure (DPS) for Wireless Communication System
Mohamad Ariffin Mutalib, Zahriladha Zakaria and Noor Azwan Shairi
Design of Microstrip Bandpass Filter with Electronically Tunable Notch Response
Poster session
11:50 – 12:30
Dalibor Biolek, Viera Biolkova and Zdenek Kolka
Z-Domain Bode Plots
Bohumil Brtník and David Matoušek
The Adjoint Transformation Usage for Correction of the Attenuation of the Low-Pass Biquad in the Current Mode
Jozefa Červeňová, Miroslav Kamenský and Eva Králiková
Modular Remote Access System for Real Experiments
Milan Guzan, Martin Olejár, Vladimir Cviklovič and Jiří Petržela
Simulation of the Chua’s Circuit with Audio Output
Natalija Chmelarova and Vyacheslav A. Tykhonov
Composite Vector Stochastic Processes Model in the Task of Signals’ Recognition
Tomas Koctur, Jozef Juhar, Peter Viszlay, Ján Staš and Martin Lojka
Unsupervised Speech Transcription and Alignment based on Two Complementary ASR Systems
Edita Kolářová and Lubomir Brancik
The Effect of the Colored Noise to RLC(G) Electrical Circuits
Lenka Macková, Anton Čižmár and Jozef Juhár
Emotion Recognition in i-Vector Space
Martin Matis, Ľubomír Doboš and Ján Papaj
Contact Table Splitting Impact on Performance of Hybrid MANET-DTN SCaTR
Dušan Nešpor, Petr Drexler, Radim Kadlec and Eva Gescheidtová
Design and Numerical Modeling of Metal-Dielectric Resonant Structures for Infrared Band
Elena Palahina and Volodymyr Palahin
Signal Detection in Additive-Multiplicative Non-Gaussian Noise using Higher Order Statistics
Roman Palitefka, Ján Papaj and Ľubomír Doboš
How to Simulate DTN in OPNET Modeler
Viktor Pek, Vladimir Brazda and Ondrej Fiser
First Ka and Q band Results of Atmospheric Attenuation Measurements Using Alphasat Receiver in Czech Republic
Martin Petrvalsky, Milos Drutarovsky and Michal Varchola
Compact MCU-based Platform for a Side-Channel Resistant Firmware Development and Evaluation – A Case Study for an DPA Attack on a Multi-Precision Multiplication
Jiri Petrzela
Equivalent Circuit Realizations of Fourth-Order Chaotic Hamiltonian System
Lubos Rejfek, Zbysek Mosna, Jaroslav Urbar, Daniel Kouba, Ladislav Beran, Pavel Chmelar, Tomas Zalabsky and Michal Reznicek
Comparison of Digital Filters and GNSS for Checking of Automatically Scaled Ionograms
Tomáš Shejbal and Pavel Bezoušek
Angular Resolution of an Antenna Array with Two Incoming Coherent Signals
Stanislav Slovák, Pavol Galajda, Ján Hoffmann and Dušan Kocur
New Ultra-Wideband Sensor System for Measuring the Properties of Liquid Materials
Ján Staš, Daniel Zlacký and Daniel Hládek
Semantically Similar Document Retrieval Framework for Language Model Speaker Adaptation
Jana Šajgalíková, Ján Litvik and Milan Dado
Investigation of Phase-Shift Keying and Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Formats in Wavelength Division Multiplexing System
Jan Žák and Marek Vach
Use of Different Chaff Materials during Electromagnetic Jamming Exercise
Martin Kmec, Pavol Galajda, Ralf Herrmann, Kai Schilling and Stanislav Slovák
Integrated Wideband Reflectometer with On-Line Reference Measurement Capability
Circuits and Systems II – Chaotic Systems
Room A
12:30 – 13:40
Jozef Hallon, Mikulaš Bittera, René Harťanský and Karol Kováč
Immunity against Electromagnetic Field Testing of Electrical Devices using Wireless Communication
Dmitry Pikulin and Anna Litvinenko
On the Effectiveness of Application of Compensation Ramp in Switching Power Converters with Delays
Roman Sotner, Jan Jerabek, Norbert Herencsar, Jiri Petrzela, Aslihan Kartci and Tomas Dostal
Discussion on Two Solutions of Inductance Simulators Using Single Controlled Gain Voltage Differencing Current Conveyor and the Most Important Parasitic Effects
Milan Stork
Chaotic Oscillator Based on Delay Line
Pavol Galajda, Milan Guzan and Jiri Petrzela
Implementation of a Custom Chua`s Diode for Chaos Generating Applications
Signal Processing II – UWB Radars
Room B
12:30 – 13:40
Ján Gamec, Miroslav Repko and Ján Schneider
Simple Estimation of Relative Permittivity of Wall by UWB Radar System
Daniel Novak and Dusan Kocur
Multiple Static Person Localization based on Respiratory Motion Detection by UWB Radar
Ján Schneider, Ján Gamec, Mária Gamcová and Miroslav Repko Alternative Antenna Measuring Methods with Use of Impulse UWB Radar
Jiri Skapa and Marek Pola
Ultra Wide Band Receiver Design
Mária Švecová, Dušan Kocur and Juraj Kožej
Target Tracking Algorithms for UWB Radar Network
Microwave, Propagation and Lightwaves II – Antennas, Propagation and Measurements
Room C
12:30 – 13:40
Michal Harvánek and Vojtech Derbek
Method of Improving Receiver Sensitivity of RFID Reader HW Platforms with Limited Resources
Jaroslav Havlíček, Milan Polívka, Milan Švanda and Jan Macháč
Capacitively Loaded Dipoles for Chipless RFID Transponder
Ondrej Fiser, Viktor Pek, Vladimir Brazda and Vladimir Schejbal
Mathematical Elimination of Unwanted Signal Decrease due to Satellite Spatial Motion
Viktor Pek, Vladimir Brazda and Ondrej Fiser
Description of Alphasat Satellite Space Motion and its Consequences for Signal Reception
Vladimir Schejbal, Radovan Dolecek, Ondrej Fiser, Vladimir Brazda and Zdenek Nemec
Propagation over Terrain Considering Refractivity Profiles
Circuits and Systems III – Electromagnetic Field
Room A
14:40 – 15:40
Pawel Bienkowski and Bartlomiej Zubrzak
Alternative Method of Electromagnetic Absorbers Quality Determination
Pawel Bienkowski and Bartlomiej Zubrzak
Electromagnetic Field in High Frequency Welder Surroundings
Kai Bittner and Hans Georg Brachtendorf
Multi-Rate Coupled Circuit-Device Simulation
Milan Stork
Chaotic System with Spin Reversion
Signal Processing Signal Processing III – Digital Signal Processing
Room B
14:40 – 15:40
Imrich Andráš, Pavol Dolinský, Linus Michaeli and Ján Šaliga
Improvement of Multiexponential Signal Decomposition by the Preprocessing
Tomas Bagala, Adam Fibich, Peter Kubinec and Vladimir Stofanik
Enhanced Clock based on the Chip Scale Atomic Clock and Dual-Mode Crystal Oscillator
Elena Cocherová, Jozef Pucik, Peter Kubinec, Peter Kupec and Oldřich Ondráček
The Critical Radius of Stimulation Electrode Related to Heart Activation
Michal Reznicek, Pavel Bezousek, Tomas Zalabsky, Lubos Rejfek, Pavel Chmelar, Jan Pidanic and Mohhamd Reza Rezakhah
Clutter Maps Formation in Monostatic Primary Radar
Information and Communication Technologies III – Communication Systems
Room C
14:40 – 15:40
Aleš Dobesch, Luis Nero Alves, Otakar Wilfert and Carlos Gaspar Ribeiro
ODAC-Based Traffic Lights for Intelligent Transport Systems
Tomáš Ivaniga, Ľuboš Ovseník and Ján Turán
The Four-Channel WDM System Using Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
Jan Ruzbarsky, Jan Turan and Lubos Ovsenik
Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in DWDM All Optical Communication Systems
Zenon Kuder, Jiří Miloš and Stanislav Hanus
Radio Coexistence of Major and Upcoming Wireless Standards in the ISM Bands
Industry talks
Room C
16:00 – 17:00
Erwin Hartl
Rohde & Schwarz in Brief
Peter Brieška
Prototyping with Software Defined Radio for Industry, Academic, and Defense Applications
Juraj Mikuš
New Products of the Company TR Instruments: Education Systems and Measuring Instruments
Jaroslav Rýmus
Modeling of Automotive RADAR Device with CEM One

Day 2, Wednesday, April 20, 2016,
Venue: University library TU Košice

Plenary session II
Room A
08:30 – 09:50
Peter Vago
5G Challenge – From Concept to Reality
Martin Donoval
Wearable Healthcare Electronics for 24-7 Monitoring with Focus on User Comfort
-Circuits and Systems IV – Power Electronics
Room A
10:10 – 11:30
Radovan Doleček, Ondřej Černý, Vladimír Schejbal and Mohammd Rezakhah
The Behavior of Traction System of AC 25 kV during Operation
Michal Konč, Radovan Doleček, Ondřej Černý and Ivan Dobes
The Effects of Faults at the Distribution Systems on the Traction Power Supply Systems
David Krutílek and Zbyněk Raida
Electromagnetic Simulation for Certification of Small Aircraft: Direct and Indirect Effects of Lightning
Ondrej Sadilek, Tomas Lelek, Petr Sykora and Radovan Dolecek
Research of Alternative Energy Sources for Railway Vehicles
Ondrej Sadilek, Tomas Lelek and Jan Korinek
Interfering Influences on Electrical Cable between Frequency Converter and Electric Motor
Josef Vašata and Radovan Doleček
Electromagnetic Compatibility and Lightning Current Impacts in the Railway Equipment Buildings
Signal Processing IV – Image Processing
Room B
10:10 – 11:30
Barna Csuka, Zsolt Kollar, Istvan Kollar and Márton Kovács Comparison of Signal
Processing Methods for Calculating Point-by-Point Discrete Fourier Transforms
Oleksii Fedorov, Andrii Rubel and Anatolii Omelchenko
Detection of DCT Coefficient Modulation Schemes in JPEG Images
Oleksii Fedorov and Mykhailo Rodyhin
A Referenceless PSNR Estimator of Compressed JPEG Images
Miroslav Hagara and Oldřich Ondráček
Moving Edge Detection with Sub-Pixel Accuracy in 1-D Images
Patrik Kamencay, Andrej Satnik, Robert Hudec, Jan Hlubik and Miroslav Benco
A Comparison of Key-Point Descriptors for the Stereo Matching Algorithm
Jakub Oravec, Ľuboš Ovseník and Ján Turán
An Iterative Approach for Image Coding using Mojette Transform
Microwave, Propagation and Lightwaves III – Microwave Modeling and Simulations
Room C
10:10 – 11:30
Andrej Galoić, Branimir Ivšić and Davor Bonefačić
Sensitivity of Transmission-Reflection Based Method for Textile Material Characterization
Vadim Závodný
Precission Approach Radar-Elevation Antenna Unit
Alexey L’Vov, Nikita Semezhev, Peter L’Vov and Elena Moiseykina
A Multi-Port Wave-Correlator as Promising Receiver for Software Defined Radio Systems
Andrey Semenikhin, Diana Semenikhina and Yury Yukhanov
Synthesis of the Anisotropic Impedance Cylinder on the Given Polarization of the Scattered Field Independent on the Angle of Incidence and Polarization of Incidence Field
Tomas Urbanec and Jaroslav Lacik
Compact Size Substrate Integrated Waveguide Phase Shifter
Yury Yukhanov and Tatiana Privalova
Radiation and Scattering of H-Polarized Wave by a Plane-Parallel Waveguide
Circuits and Systems V
Room D
10:00 – 10:55
Paromita Bhattacharjee, Abir J Mondal, Alak Majumder and Sanjeev K Metya
Amplifier Design and Optimization Using Non Linear Programming
Alak Majumder, Rahul Kaushik and Abir J Mondal
Design and Analysis of New Energy Efficient Glitch Free Adiabatic Logic Circuit
Alak Majumder, Monalisa Das, Bipasha Nath, Abir J Mondal,Bidyut K Bhattacharyya
Design of Low Noise High Speed Novel Dynamic Analog Comparator in 65nm Technology
Circuits and Systems VI – Navigation, Localization, Positioning
Room A
12:00 – 13:30
Martin Bartos
Effective Range Doppler Algorithm Simulator using Vectorization Technique
Viktors Jeralovics
Real Time Kinematic for Land Vehicle Navigation
Martin Kotol, Zbynek Raida and Jaroslav Lacik
Neural-Network Based In-Vehicle Localization
Jakub Neburka, Zdenek Tlamsa, Vlastimil Benes, Ladislav Polak, Ondrej Kaller, Libor Bolecek, Jiri Sebesta and Tomas Kratochvil
Study of the Performance of RSSI based Bluetooth Smart Indoor Positioning
Lenka Tejmlová, Jiří Šebesta and Petr Zelina
Artificial Neural Networks in Inertial Measurement Unit
Zsolt Tóth and Judit Tamás
Miskolc IIS Hybrid IPS: Dataset for Hybrid Indoor Positioning
Signal Processing V – Image and Video Processing
Room B
12:00 – 13:30
Natalija Chmelarova, Pavel Chmelar, Ladislav Beran and Lubos Rejfek
Improving Precision of Laser Line Detection in 3D Range Scanning Systems
Slavomir Matuska, Robert Hudec, Jan Hlubik and Jozef Talapka
A Comparison of the Animal Recognition between the Real Objects and the Modeled 3D Objects
Ludmila Macekova, Volodymyr Palahin, Stanislav Marchevsky and Jana Handrikova
Applying of Video Technologies in Educational Process
Ladislav Polak, Jan Kufa, Ondrej Zach, Ondrej Kaller, Libor Bolecek, Martin Slanina and Tomas Kratochvil
Study of Advanced Compression Tools for Stereoscopic Video by Objective Metrics
David Solus, Lubos Ovsenik and Jan Turan
Signal Processing – Object Detection Methods with Usage of Optical Correlator
Miroslav Uhrina, Juraj Bienik and Martin Vaculik
Coding Efficiency of H.265 and VP9 Compression Standards for High Resolutions
Information and Communication Technologies II – Information and Communication Technologies, Algorithms and Data Structures
Room C
12:00 – 13:30
Gabriel Bugar, Dušan Levický, Martin Broda and Vladimír Hajduk
A Novel Block-Based Data Hiding Scheme in SVD-DCT Composite Domain
Vladimír Hajduk, Martin Broda, Ondrej Kováč and Dušan Levický
Image Steganography with using QR Code and Cryptography
Bilgin Metin and Ahmet Cihat Baktır
Cloud Computing Perception and Success Factors for Information Technology Usage in Turkey
Eva Tuba, Lazar Mrkela and Milan Tuba
Support Vector Machine Parameter Tuning using Firefly Algorithm
Matus Pleva, Eva Kiktová, Peter Viszlay and Patrick Bours
Acoustical Keystroke Analysis for User Identification and Authentication
Jozef Polacký, Peter Počta and Roman Jarina
Influence of Packet Loss on a Speaker Verification System over IP Network