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prof. Ing. Pavol Galajda, CSc.

Pavol Galajda
Phone: +421(55) 602 4169
E-mail: Pavol.Galajda@tuke.sk
Address: Bozeny Nemcovej 32
Room number: 525

Research areas

Design and implementation of Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC), Ultra‑ Wideband (UWB) sensor and communication systems, nonlinear communication systems and systems generating Chaos.


ANG-KEMT_ZE – 26000288 – Basic of Electronics
CES – 2617531 – Digital electronics systems
NPvE – 26000277 – Design facilities in electronics
LE – 2610511 – Medical electronics

Education and degrees

Associate Professor – Technical university of Košice, Slovak Republic, 2002
Philosophiae Doctor. – Technical university of Košice, Slovak Republic, 1995
Master Degree – Technical university of Košice,Cechoslovakia, 1986

Position in industry

AMS – Design and implementation of high-frequency integrated circuits for UWB radar applications (integrated circuits manufactured in 0.35um SiGe BiCMOS technology from AMS, Austria)

Project participant

WiPE – Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics, ICT COST IC1301, 2013 – 2017, EU – národný koordinátor.
UWB-SeNet – UWB senzorové siete krátkeho dosahu na detekciu, lokalizáciu a sledovanie pohybujúcich sa osôb, VEGA 1/0563/13, 2013 – 2015, Slovenská republika.
RFCSET – RF/ Microwave Communication Subsystems for Emerging Wireless Technologies, ICT COST IC803, 2009 – 2013, EU.
MonAMI – Mainstreaming on AMbient Intelligence, contract number IST-5-0535147 of the European Commission’s 6th RTD Framework Programme, 2006 – 2011, EU.
SMILING - Self Mobility Improvement in the eLderly by counteractING falls, contract number 215493 of the European Commission’s 7th RTD Framework Programme, 2008 – 2010, EU.
HAPCOS – High Altitude Platforms for Communications and Other Services, ICT COST Action COST297 2005 – 2009, EU – národný koordinátor.
RADIOTECT - Ultra Wideband Radio application for localisation of hidden people and detection of unauthorised objects, contract number COOP-CT-2006-032744 of the European Commission’s 6th RTD Framework Programme, 2007 – 2009, EU.

Innovative Methods of Noise and Vibration Analysis of Rotating Machinery for Purpose of Quality Control, Monitoring and Diagnostics, Copernicus project CIPA-CT94-0220, 1994 – 1998, EU.

Selected publications

  1. Galajda, P.- Kmec, M.- Liptaj, M.: A Low Cost SiGe Based Extension Unit for Ultra Wideband Sensing System, 2013, In: IRS 2013: International Radar Symposium: conference publications: Dresden, Germany, 19- 21 June 2013, 2013, pp. 1 – 6. ISBN 978-1-4577-1838-0
  2. Liptaj, M.- Galajda, P.- Kmec, M.: An Integrated Amplifier Kit for Enhanced UWB Applications, 2012, In: Radioelektronika 2012: proceedings of 22nd international conference: 17- 18 April 2012, Brno, Czech Republic, (2012), pp. 161-164. ISBN 978-80-214-4469-0
  3. Galajda, P.- Liptaj, M.- Kmec, M.: A SiGe Based Extension Kit for 6- 8 GHz Ultra Wideband Sensing System, 2012, In: 9th Management Committee/Working Group Meeting and Workshop: COST Action IC0803 RF/ Microwave Communication Subsystems for Emerging Wireless Technologies (RFCSET), 4- 5. October 2012, Upsalla, Sweden, (2012), pp. 1-5.
  4. Liptaj, M.- Galajda, P.- Kmec, M.: Recent Fully Differential Amplifier in 0.35um SiGe BiCMOS technology for UWB applications, 2011, In: Radioelektronika 2011: proceedings of 21th international conference: 19-20 April 2011, Brno, Czech Republic, (2011), pp. 119-122. ISBN 978-1-61284-322-3
  5. Gazda, J.- Deumal, M.- Bergada, P.- Drotár, P.- Kocur, D.- Galajda, P.: Iterative Suboptimal Maximum Likelihood Receiver for Nonlinearly Distorted SC-FDMA Symbols. Frequenz. Vol. 65, no. 11, 2011, pp. 327-334. ISSN 0016-1136 (CC journal)
  6. Drotár, P.- Gazda, J.- Kocur, D.- Galajda, P.: Reduction of Nonlinear Distortion in Multi-Antenna WiMAX Systems, 2011, In: Advanced transmission techniques in WIMAX. – Rijeka, InTech, 2011 pp. 59-76. ISBN 978-953-307-965-3
  7. Drutarovský, M. – Galajda, P.: A Robust Chaos-Based True Random Number Generator Embedded in Reconfigurable Switched-Capacitor Hardware. In: Zeraoulia, E.: Models and Applications of Chaos Theory in Modern Sciences. – Enfield, USA: Science Publishers, 2011, pp. 328-344. ISBN 978-1-57808-722-8
  8. Gazda, J.- Drotár, P.- Deumal, M. – Galajda, P.- Kocur, D.: Tone reservation for SFBC-OFDM with no spectral broadening. Frequenz. Vol. 64, no. 7-8, 2010, pp. 140-143. ISSN 0016-1136 (CC journal)
  9. Drotár, P.- Gazda, J.- Galajda, P.- Kocur, D.- Pavelka, P.: Receiver technique for iterative estimation and cancellation of nonlinear distortion in MIMO SFBC- OFDM Systems. In: IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics. Vol. 56, no. 2, 2010, pp. 471-475. ISSN 0098-3063 (CC journal)
  10. Špány, V.- Galajda, P.- Guzan, M.- Pivka, L.- Olejár, T.: Chua’s singularities: Great miracles in circuit theory. In: International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos (IJBC). Vol. 20, no. 10, 2010, pp. 2993-3006. ISSN 0218-1274 (CC journal)
  11. Šimšík, D.- Drutarovský, M.- Galajdová, A.- Galajda. P.: Embedded Microcontroller Unit for Gait Rehabilitation Shoes, ICABB 2010 : 1st International Conference on Applied Bionics and Biomechanics: Venice, Italy, October 14-16, 2010
  12. Šimšík, D.- Galajdová, A.- Galajda, P.- Drutarovský, M.: Mechanical Modul with Jack-Screw for SMILING Rehabilitation Shoe, Acta Mechanica Slovaca, Vol. 14, No. 2 (2010), pp. 98-107. ISSN 1335-2393
  13. Drotár, P.- Gazda, J.- Galajda, P.- Kocur, D.: Joint microstatistic multiuser detection and cancellation of nonlinear distortion effects for the uplink of MC-CDMA systems using golay codes, 2009, In: International Journal of Electronics, Communications and Computer Engineering. Vol. 1, no. 1 (2009), pp. 87-92. ISSN 2073-0543
  14. Šimšík, D.- Galajdová, A.- Drutarovský, M.- Galajda, P.- Pavlov, P.: Wearable Non-Invasive Computer Controlled System for Improving of Seniors Gait, International Journal of Rehabilitation Research. Vol. 32, No. suppl. 1 (2009), p. S35. ISSN 0342-5282 (CC journal)
  15. Lukáč, R.- Galajda, P.- Galajdová, A.: Lum processor with neural decision, 2006, In: International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. Vol. 20, no. 5 (2006), pp. 747-762. ISSN 0218-0014 (CC journal)

Other references


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