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prof. Ing.Jozef Juhár, CSc.

Jozef Juhár
Phone:+421(55) 602 3208, 2333
Address: Park Komenského 13,Boženy Němcovej 32
Room number: 606

Research areas

Digital processing algorithms, analysis, recognition and syntheses of speech and audio signals, methodologies and design tools and evaluation of automated speech communication systems


TO – 2608061 – Automobile infoeletronics
SPA– 2611171 – Speech and audio processing and transmission
EA1 – 2607881 – Electroacoustics
ITSS – 2612061 – Interactive telecommunication systems and services

Education and degrees

Professor – Technical university of Košice, Slovak Republic, 2012
Associate Professor – Technical university of Košice, Slovak Republic, 1999
Philosophiae Doctor. – Technical university of Košice, Slovak Republic, 1991
Master Degree – Technical university of Košice,Cechoslovakia, 1980

Principal investigator of the projects

STIMULS – Complex modular robotic mid-range system with higher intelligence, MŠ SR 3928/2010 –11, 2010 – 2013, Slovak Republic.
SPEETIS – Speech Technologies for advanced telecommunication and information services in Slovak language, APVV-0369-07, 2008-2010, Slovak Republic.
Automated analysis, recognition and transcription of audio recordings, Ministerstvo školstva SR, AV 4/2016/08, 2008 – 2010, Slovak Republic.
Automatizovaný, hlasom ovládaný telekomunikačný systém a jeho aplikácie, Ministerstvo školstva SR, AV_4.0006.07, 2007 – 2009, Slovak Republicľ.
IRKR – Intelligent speech communication interface, MŠ SP-20 028 01 03/2003, 2003-2006, Slovak Republic.

Project participant

APD – Automatic transcription of dictation system, Ministerstvo spravodlivosti SR, 2009 – 2011, Slovak Republic.

MOBILTEL – Mobile multimodal telecommunications systems and services, APVT–20–029004, 2005–2007, Slovak Republic.

INDECT – Intelligent information system supporting observation, searching and detection for security of citizens in urban environment, FP7 Collaborative project, 2009-2013, EU
ZATIPS Competence Center for Knowledge technology innovation of production systems in industry and services, EU ICT ERDF, ITMS 26220220155, 2011-2015, Slovak Republic.
ZŤS – Modules for intelligent robotic systems, EU ICT ERDF, ITMS 26220220141, 2011-2014, Slovak Republic .
IRSR – Intelligent management of the service robot, MŠ SR, ZŤS VVÚ Košice VMSP-P-0004-09, 2009-2011, Slovak Republic.
VOTS – Voice Operated Telecommunication Systems and Services, MŠ SR, AV 1/0006/07, 2007 – 2009


(team) Prize of the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic for best national scientific-technological team of the year, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 2012
International Prize of the Slovak Academy of Science for the best applicable research project, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 2010

Selected publication

  1. Ondáš,S., Juhár, J. et.al.: Service Robot SCORPIO with Robust Speech Interface. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, Vol. 10, 3:2013, 11p, ISSN: 1729-8806 (ISI Thomson Impact Factor: 0,375; H Index: 15)
  2. Pleva, M. et al.: Voice Quality Measuring Setup with Automatic Voice over IP Call Generator and Lawful Interception Packet Analyzer, In: Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Vol. 5, no. 1, p. 191-194, ISSN 1844-6035, 2012.
  3. Ondas, S., et al.: Multimodal Interfaces for Applications in Robotics, In: Complex Control Systems. Vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 58-63, ISSN 1310-8255, 2012.
  4. Ondáš S., Juhár J.: Development and evaluation of the spoken dialogue system based on the W3C recommendations. In: Products and Services; from R&D to Final Solutions. – Rijeka : Sciyo, 2010 P. 315-330, ISBN 978-953-307-211-1
  5. Pleva, M. et al.: Evaluating the Modified Viterbi Decoder for Long-Term Audio Events Monitoring Task, In: Elmar 2012 : 54th International Symposium, Zadar, Croatia, pp. 179-182, ISSN 1334-2630, 2012.
  6. Viszlay, P. et al: Alternative Phonetic Class Definition in Linear Discriminant Analysis of Speech, IWSSIP 2012, Vienna, pp. 655-658, ISBN 978-3-200-02588-2.
  7. Pleva, M. et al.: Speech and Mobile Technologies for Cognitive Communication and Information Systems, CogInfoCom 2011, 7. – 9.7.2011, Budapest, 978-145771806-9. (cited 2)
  8. Juhár, J. et al.: Rečové technológie v telekomunikačných a informačných systémoch, EQUILIBRIA – 2011, Košice, 2 chapters in book, 517 s. ISBN 978-80-89284-75-7.
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  14. S. Ondáš et al.: Towards influencing of the conversational agent mental state in the task of active listening. In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Vol. 5967 (2010), p. 113-121. – ISSN 0302-9743
  15. S. Ondáš et al.: About development and innovation of the Slovak spoken language dialogue system. In: Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Vol. 2, no. 1 (2009), p. 159-164. – ISSN 1844-6035.

Other references

Member of „International Affairs Sub-Committee on Eastern Europe“ in ISCA (International Speech Communication Association“ Editor member “International Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering”, Inderscience Publishers, Geneva, Switzerland

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