Dnes je utorok 29. novembra 2022, meniny má Vratko a zajtra Ondrej, Andrej.
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The 6th international workshop MediaEval 2013 took place on 18th -19th of October in historical center of Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain). MediaEval is a benchmarking initiative dedicated to evaluating new algorithms for multimedia access and retrieval. MediaEval is an open initiative, meaning that any interested research group is free to signup and participate. Organizers specified twelve task in total. Our research team, focused on speech processing and led by prof. Juhar, successfully participated on “Spoken Web Search task”. This task involves an effective software solution proposal for searching in audio database consisting of 9 multilingual languages (heavily-accented English, Albanian, Czech, Basque, Romanian and 4 African languages) using an audio query. The emphasis was placed on zero-resource solution without any external resources and transcriptions.  In total, 19 teams were involved in the task from which only 13 have been successful.  Ing. Jozef Vavrek was presented a solution for the task in poster session with paper “TUKE at MediaEval 2013 Spoken Web Search task”. A proceeding was released and each contribution is in the process of indexing in Scopus database.


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