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On June 29 to July 18, 2014 took our doctoral students Ing. Marek Godla, Ing. Jozef Lipták, Ing. Daniel Novák & Ing. Ján Schneider part in an intensive program of Martin Summer School Marine Technology Instrumentation, organized by the SARTI centre of Technical university of Catalonia in Vilanova i la Geltrù (Spain). They participated at weekdays along with other students from Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Colombia & France on morning lectures followed by afternoon exercises, after which they worked on their assigned projects within international teams. Lectures, exercises and projects were mainly focused on the technology used in the Navy (inertial navigation, measurement of seawater parameters, autonomous underwater vehicles, underwater communication systems, …). Among the lecturers where also two of our professors: Linus Michaeli & Ján Šaliga. At the end of the program, all projects were presented in front of the committee and all the rest of the participants.


In the context of extracurricular activities on weekends, organizers prepared for the participants a sailboat trip to the place where the underwater observatory OBSEA is and the opportunity to try a kayak ride.


Our representatives have brought home from this program, supported by EU funds for lifelong learning, not only participating diplomas but also new knowledge, experience of working in an international team, enough of vitamin D and last but not least, new contacts and friendships from outside of the borders of Slovakia.

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