Maps of the social event places


Events places

1 – Welcome party – Golden royal

Vodná 8, Košice, GPS: 48.7123, 21.2582
Golden Royal

GOLDEN ROYAL is hotel in the centre of Košice. This luxury hotel is situated in a quite locality only 200 meters from Hlavna street, which is the main street of city center. In Boutique hotel there is also famous restaurant with winter garden, congress hall and variable convention rooms. The hot new of hotel´s services is very popular Indian ayurvedic RASAJÁNA SPA. All therapies and services in RASAJÁNA SPA are provided by indian stuff.

2 – Dinner – Herľany

Herľany, GPS: 48.8008, 21.4779
The favourite destination in the environs of Košice is undoubtedly Herľany. The special attraction of this former spa is the famous geyser of Herľany. The 404.5 m deep probe brought up a strong spring of the cold mineral water. Now the periodicity of emanation is about 32-34 hours. The water springs for about 20-30 minutes to the height of maximum 20 metres. The yield of one eruption is about 600 hl of water. As this unique natural scene occurs approximately every one and a half days, the tourist should enquire by phone at the local post office about the presumed time of its appearance.

3 – Dinner – Zlatý dukát

Hlavná 16, Košice, GPS: 48.71880, 21.258630
Zlaty dukat
Retiring hotel facade from the Main Street only cautiously introduces the beauties of its dominant interior. The Zlaty Dukat boutique hotel is located in one of the oldest buildings in Kosice, its foundation is dated to around the year 1240 and was part of the first royal house. Guests can see a Museum of Glass in the space of building, which shows unique selection of glass from 17 up to 21 century.

4 – Dinner – Levočský dom

Hlavná 16, Košice, GPS: 48.71880, 21.258630
Levocsky dom
Restaurant located in the heart of the historical center of Kosice. It is not only the oldest and best preserved Gothic secular building in the city, but also the oldest known tavern in Slovakia, which continuously performs its function until today. Feast, which lasted a week was attended by several crowned heads, making the town of Košice the most important city of Europe for a moment. Even nowadays the restaurant has many local as well as foreign guests comming to enjoy the meals of modern and traditional ciusine