Dnes je utorok 29. novembra 2022, meniny má Vratko a zajtra Ondrej, Andrej.
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They may be able actually travel

[A track initiate playing to your song off Zager Evans' In the the season 2525.] Song: [verse step one] In the year you to definitely-o-five, one-o-five In the event the boy has been alive If bot may survive They will see

[verse dos] Around twenty-four twenty-five twenty-five The new backwards date servers nevertheless won’t have found its way to most of the the world, discover singular technology A great rusty sword to possess training proctology

They take a trip submit

[verse step 3] Subsequently seasons you to ends with good twenty A good slumpy merman is attending shoot for chummy He might appear to be a good watery wimp While in facts he or she is a blood thirsty schrimp

[verse cuatro] In 1 million and a half Human kind are enslaved of the giraffe Men must pay for everybody his mistakes Whenever this new forest passes is removed off their will leave

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